“It is our duty and obligation to protect and restore these national treasures as we have enjoyed them and been sustained by them physically, mentally, and spiritually.”
— Former President Jimmy Carter

Our Mission

Welcome and thank you for visiting. You can help us achieve our mission by joining us in our work to keep wild places wild in the largest remaining intact ecosystem in the continental United States, and to connect those wild places with migration corridors.

Your participation will keep iconic wildlife roaming safe and free and ensure that they will thrive as nature intended, no longer threatened by human development on these public lands owned by all Americans.


Mike Garrity – Executive Director
Alliance For The Wild Rockies

The Bioregion*

The Problem

Thousands of miles of logging roads slice through our wildlands, fragmenting ecosystems and eliminating habitat for sensitive species. The science of conservation biology teaches that no ecosystem can remain healthy if it becomes isolated from other areas, or if it is subject to unlimited development.

The Solution

Protect large blocks of secure habitat to serve as core areas, and connect these blocks through linkage corridors. “Buffer zones” ensure that developments do not threaten ecosystem integrity. Our public lands offer the best opportunity to establish this system of secure areas, buffer zones, and linkage corridors.

*The term “bioregion” refers to a physiographic region of wildlands that are biologically connected.The Bioregion

Learn about the 5 Ecosystems that make up the Northern Rockies Bioregion.