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Emergency Alert For The Wild Rockies

DONATE NOW Inspired by Yellowstone grizzly bear scientists Frank and John Craighead, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies formed in 1988 to protect the whole ecosystems and connecting wildlife corridors that comprise the Wild Rockies bioregion.  Our mission is to protect...

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AWR Opinion Piece in New York Times

A Landscape Lewis and Clark Would Recognize Is Now Under Threat Logging, mining and development loom over the Northern Rockies. By Mike Garrity and Carole King Mr. Garrity, a fifth-generation Montanan, is the executive director of Alliance for the Wild Rockies. Ms....

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Why we need one connected grizzly bear population

Originally published here.  When U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen issued his the order that reversed the Trump administration’s decision to take Yellowstone ecosystem grizzly bears off the threatened species list he did so for the best of reasons: Isolated...

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Using wildfires as an excuse to plunder forests

Originally published in the Idaho State Journal. President Donald Trump recently blamed environmental protections for the loss of homes and lives in wildfires in California, and followed up that groundless suggestion by strongly implying that increased logging could...

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Judge extends order blocking grizzly hunt

Originally published here... A federal judge has blocked the start of grizzly bear hunting seasons for another two weeks while he finishes a ruling on the legality of ending Endangered Species Act protection for bears around Yellowstone National Park. “There remain...

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Delisting of lynx based on pending court date, not science

Contact Noreen Walsh and demand that Fish and Wildlife Service retract its recommendation to delist the lynx! The science, facts, and law require a recovery plan for this imperiled species, not the complete elimination of protections. Noreen Walsh, Regional Director,...

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Moose Creek Vegetation Project FOIA documents

Below are links to documents related to the Moose Creek Vegetation Project Freedom of Information Act request put forth by AWR. Click links to download documents. 4-26-2011Mt.govFieldGuides 2017DMMooseCreekPressRelease 2672-2672.24a 2672.24b-2676.17c...

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Rocky Mountain Groups to Challenge Yellowstone Grizzly De-Listing

MISSOULA, Mont. – Three Rocky Mountain conservation groups – Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Western Watersheds Project, and Native Ecosystems Council – today submitted a Notice of Intent to litigate the administration’s decision to remove the Yellowstone grizzly bear population from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) threatened species list.

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Donate for TV ads to stop yellowstone bison massacre

We are racing to stop the immediate and unnecessary slaughter of wild bison in Yellowstone National Park. We are putting up billboards and running ads on local television in Montana encouraging people to call Governor Steve Bullock who has the power to fight back...

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Stop the Yellowstone Massacre of Bison

This week billboards went up west of Bozeman on the highway leading to Yellowstone National Park and in Helena near the state capitol building asking Governor Bullock to “Stop the Yellowstone Massacre.” This is the headline message overlaying a stark winter landscape...

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