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The Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Wild Swan announced today that the Federal District Court in Missoula denied the Forest Service’s motion to lift the injunction on the Colt Summit Project. The court had enjoined the project because the cumulative impacts analysis for lynx was inadequate. The Forest Service was ordered to prepare a supplemental environmental assessment. Instead of complying with the Order the Lolo National Forest prepared a stand alone “supplement to the environmental assessment” with no opportunity to appeal the new decision.

“The Forest Service didn’t follow the Court’s order or the law,” said Arlene Montgomery, Program Director for Friends of the Wild Swan. “This is a critical area for lynx and the Lolo failed to adequately consider all the impacts that the Colt Summit Project would have on lynx and their habitat.”

“This is a good ruling not only for lynx but for taxpayers,” said Michael Garrity, Executive Director for the Alliance for the Wild Rockies. “The Colt Summit Project was nothing more than corporate welfare that would have cost taxpayers over 2 million dollars.”

Environmental groups Friends of the Wild Swan, Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Native Ecosystems Council and Montana Ecosystems Defense Council represented by the Western Environmental Law Center brought the lawsuit against the Lolo National Forest.



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