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New Law Review Article Details the Efforts to Prevent Bull Trout Listing

A new law review article details the pattern of delay used by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior in an attempt to prevent a listing of the bull trout. Listing the Bull Trout Under the Endangered Species Act: The Passive-Aggressive Strategy of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to Prevent Protecting Warranted Species, was authored by Timothy Bechtold and appears in Volume 20 of the Public Land & Resources Law Review, published by the University of Montana School of Law.

The article shows how it has been the official policy of the Department of Interior under Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Assistant Secretary George Frampton to prevent species listings and deny legal protection to warranted species.

This is the only legal review to date which has explored the long legal battle to list the bull trout, which took nearly seven years and numerous lawsuits and court rulings.

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