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Top Ten Victories by the Alliance for the Wild Rockies in 2023

Top Ten Victories by the Alliance for the Wild Rockies in 2023

Photo: Glen Phillips

Thank you all for helping us make a difference this year. Here’s to more in 2024!

1) Wolverines listed as “threatened” under Endangered Species Act after 20-year conservation effort.

2) Federal Court – Feds Must Proceed with Grizzly Bear Recovery – Recovery of endangered grizzly bears in the wild Bitterroot region is the lynchpin to recovery of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states. The region contains one of the largest areas of designated official ‘Wilderness’ in the lower 48 States and was historically the home to thousands of grizzly bears. But by the mid-1900s, humans had exterminated all of the grizzlies in this region.

3) Federal District Court Vacates Forest Service Decision and halts Massive Red Lodge Area Logging Project in the Custer Gallatin National Forest just north of Yellowstone National Park

4) POWD corporation withdraws their request to take over Holland Lake Lodge.  Working with our allies, Save Holland Lake, we successfully stopped the POWDR corporation, the largest ski resort owner in North America from building a high end resort in the middle of wolverine grizzly, lynx and bull trout critical habitat in the Seeley Swan Valley in western Montana.

5) Court rules against widespread illegal motorized use on Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest 

6) Alliance Cabinet-Yaak grizzly bear habitat destruction –  Court stops illegal Black Ram and Knotty Pine logging projects in Kootenai National Forest which would have allowed thousand of acres of clearcutting and bulldozing in the most secure habitat for grizzly bears and logging in designated old growth forest – despite President Biden’s mandate to conserve old growth forests on federal lands.

7) Federal Court again enjoins Hanna Flats logging project in Selkirk grizzly habitat for the Alliance.

8) 10th Circuit rejects authorization to kill up to 72 grizzlies in Wyoming under grazing program – A ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals protects up to 72 grizzly bears in the Bridger-Teton National Forest area from in Wyoming from being killed after the court found the 2019 culling authorization violated the law.

9) Red Rock Lakes Wilderness protected – Court injunction stops U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s unlawful decision to construct and operate a permanent water-diversion pipeline and permanently alter natural conditions within the Red Rock Lakes Wilderness in southwestern Montana

10) Boise National Forest withdraws massive Sage Hen clearcutting and roadbuilding decision in Boise’s most popular recreation area in a settlement with environmentalists

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Happy New Year!

Mike Garrity
Executive Director
Alliance for the Wild Rockies



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